Profile PT. Ask Technica Indonesia
Capital : US $ 1.532.000 As of June 2017
Major Shareholder : Ask Technica Corporation  
Number Of Employees : Karawang factory 107 (Average age 36)
    Cikarang factory 75 (Average age 30)
Site Area : Karawang factory 18,000m2
    Cikarang factory   2,348m2
Year Karawang Factory Cikarang Factory
1989 PT. SATONAS UTAMA was established  
1990 Started construction of factory  
1992 Started Aska board commercial production (Cement board manufactured by using bamboo fiber reinforcement for the first time in the world)  
2004   PT. MING HORNG & ASTECHNICA INDUSTRIAL was established. Started adressive processing and assembly of brake shoe for motorcycle
2006 Started production of brake linings for motorcycle  
2008 Started production of Clutch facing for industrial machines Certified under ISO 9001-2000
2009 Started production of Aluminum Brake Shoe for motorcycle  
2012 Certified under ISO 9001-2008  
2013 Company name changed to PT. Ask Technica Indonesia  
2014 The two companies merged to PT. Ask Technica Indonesia, Karawang Factory . Cikarang Factory
2016 Started new production of Non Metalic Expansion Joint ( AP Conector )
2018 Upgrade new version Certified under ISO 9001-2015